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26 November 2005 @ 08:51 pm
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27 September 2005 @ 10:22 pm
I hate my brother most of the time.

That is all.
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18 September 2005 @ 09:54 pm
Tonight at the 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, my favorite show LOST won in the catagory of Best Drama! Congrats to the Cast (Matt, Evangeline, DOM, Daniel, Harold, Josh, Yunjin, Jorge, Emile, Naveen, Terry, and Maggie) and the Crew (J.J., Damon, Bryan...)! You guys (and gals) deserve it!!

P.S. Naveen, Terry, and the writers were all robbed!
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14 September 2005 @ 10:37 pm
“A toast.” Casey shouted, “to the happy couple.” She beamed over at Chantel and her new husband Miles who were clasping hands over at the main table and smiling round the room at everyone.

I, on the other hand, was belting back another glass of wine. Getting drunk seemed to be the opportune thing to do at the moment.

It was hard to believe, but it’s been eight years since I graduated from high school with my five best friends. We had been inseparable for all four years together and had even been christened with the nickname the “six c’s” as opposed to “sexies.”

First there was Casey, the comedian. Casey could twist and turn anything someone said into a joke and always made everyone laugh with her antics. She met her husband, Chris, at a bon fire on the beach when, accidentally, she lit her skirt on fire (Chris put it out). They are currently trying to have a baby.

Next came Cecilia, the “pom pom queen.” She was that gorgeous cheerleader that every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to… well you get the point. She cheered anyone and everyone on at all times. Cecilia married her husband of three years, Josh, after she had mistaken him for her roommate at a bar. They hit it off and are now expecting their first child.

Then of course we had Claire, the major over achiever. This girl could weave a two page essay into a masterpiece. It was no wonder that she became valedictorian and graduated with honors. She met her husband, Matt, when the power went out on an elevator in her apartment building. They ended up getting it on in that elevator and celebrate their anniversary by hitting the stop button and drinking champagne. They have two children together. Emily is 2 and Billy is 6 months.

Charlotte was the drama queen, star of all the plays. She acted everything, and, because of this talent, became an expert liar. Charlotte met her husband, Andrew when, at drama school, they had a kissing scene. The director said cut… but there was no cutting. Charlotte is also expecting.

Then came Chantel, the athlete. In high school, Chantel was on the track team, football team, soccer team, baseball team… you name it she was on it. She met Miles when she went on a dating website. Go figure. And now we were all at her wedding ceremony.

And then came me. I didn’t know where I fit. I wasn’t the prettiest, nor was I the ugliest. I had no special abilities, nor did I manage to get great grades. I was “Miss Average.” When the other five walked into the room they were all noticed, I blended into the wall for all anyone cared. I was unmemorable, the one you forgot only five minutes after meeting. The only one left unmarried.

I was belting back yet another glass of wine when Cecilia came over to me at the bar, a disapproving look on her face. I was semi afraid of getting hit with her enormous belly. “You” She said sternly “need to lay off the drinks. You’re getting totally hammered. Cheer up.” She said swatting me on the back.

“Mmph!” I sputtered, choking on my tongue. “I’m fine.” I slurred. “Just fucking wonderful.” I said as I tossed back another gulp.

Ok if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m obviously not what anyone would call ‘fine.’ My five best friends in the entire universe were all married, all making plans for the future, living there lives to the fullest, and her I was, sitting alone at a bar, wondering where it all went wrong.

Cici shook her head sadly and went over to Claire, more likely than not to ask if she could hold little Billy for a little while. Cici was very in to becoming a mother. Josh came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, giving her kiss on the cheek.

I rolled my eyes and noticed that my drink was gone. “Gib be anozzer.” I said to the barman. He grimaced at me. “Lady, I think you’ve had one too many already.” He said and shook his head. He reminded me of Cici and I had the urge to slap him upside his ruddy little head.

“Christ Chloe, what is wrong with you.” I heard Charlotte say behind me. I twisted around to see her better and almost toppled off my chair.

“Nozing.” I said drunkenly. “Abtholutly nozing.” I banged my hand against the counter.

“Oh damn it. Come on. I’m going to take you outside so you can get some fresh air.” She grabbed my arm and practically dragged me outside.

I stoop there staring at the Hawaii sunset, marveling that I was still standing. “Ok, I’m going back inside to let everyone know that I’m taking you back to the hotel.” She said, patting me on the back lightly. “You stay here. And whatever you do… don’t talk to anyone. Chloe focus here… DON’T. TALK. TO. ANYONE. Got that?”

“Yepperz.” I said and leaned against the railing. I heard Charlotte go back inside and I looked out into the parking lot. We were at some hall, I forget the name, but it was one of those ones that could hold more than one event at a time. Apparently there was some “to do” at the hall next to us because there were limos and photographers everywhere.

A few minutes after Charlotte had left I got the whirlies. After that I got nauseous. I griped the railing tightly and leaned over it, hurling up everything that I had eaten that night. I felt a hand go pull my hair back.

“That’s it.” A voice said. “Just get it all out, you’ll feel better afterwards.” I didn’t recognize it. Didn’t sound like the person was from here by there British accent, and I didn’t know of anyone at the reception that wasn’t American.

“I’m fine.” I said as I tried to catch my breath.

The stranger patted my back. “No your bloody well not. But you will be.”

I caught my breath and turned around to meet the stranger face to face. He had a startling pair of blue eyes, slight stubble and disheveled blondish brownish hair, but there was something about his eyes. They were like pools, and I had a hard time looking away from them.

“Thanks for pulling my hair out of the way.” I said as I pushed myself off of the railing. Only problem was, the whirlies weren’t over yet so I stumbled into the stranger, who caught me.

“Whoa there Wobbles. Lets find a place for you to sit.” He guided me over to a bench and gently sat me down. He kept his arm around me to make sure I was steady.

I sat quietly beside him, trying to regain my composure, even my breathing out, stop my head from spinning. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it, until I passed out on the strangers shoulder…
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25 August 2005 @ 09:17 am
School started yesterday, and im tired as hell. For once my scheduals not messed up though which made me really happy, you have no idea.

Per 1. - I have this period off.
Per 2. - I have this period off also!!
Per 3. - AP English 12
Per 4. - Spanish 2
Per 5. - Economics
Per 6. - Acting for the camera.

Im so going to get yelled at by one of my teachers today cuz im supposed to have a whole script memorized and i dont. I didnt think it was so long so i put it off until the last minute and now im totally fucked... oh well. Thats life... she'll probably kick me out of the play... but i kinda deserve it if she does.

"I dont have ADD... im just OH LOOK AT THE CHICKEN!" - My friend
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13 August 2005 @ 12:01 am
I love you Emily!

Emmiekins325: Should I make a community on LJ to store my fan fics? It's not going to be a open one, I just need a place to store it without the prying eyes of my mother. I don't know how it works though...
bloominstar11377: go for it...
bloominstar11377: i dunno how it works either so dont ask me..
Emmiekins325: What should I call it? lol
bloominstar11377: hmm... it has to be creative...
Emmiekins325: *thinks to hard*
bloominstar11377: lol dont hurt yourself...
Emmiekins325: to late
bloominstar11377: lol!
bloominstar11377: hmm.. is this for both the dom and billy ones?
Emmiekins325: yah... and maybe just some regular stuff but that's what I'm starting out with.
bloominstar11377: hehe.. i dunno why but "dominilly" just poped in my head... hehehe
Emmiekins325: lol!
Emmiekins325: I'll try it.
bloominstar11377: hehe omg!
Emmiekins325: I'm scared... lol
bloominstar11377: lol as well you should be..
Emmiekins325: omg it's taken. lol
Emmiekins325: damn...
bloominstar11377: r u serious! lol! wow.. "domilly?"
Emmiekins325: hehe
bloominstar11377: billyom?
bloominstar11377: yom? lol!
Emmiekins325: omg lol
bloominstar11377: billinic
Emmiekins325: hehehee
bloominstar11377: hehe.. i could do this all night...
Emmiekins325: go for it. lol
bloominstar11377: binic... that one dosent really sound right...
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: hehe!
Emmiekins325: hobbitsnthings
bloominstar11377: LOL!
bloominstar11377: OMG THATS THE BEST ONE!
Emmiekins325: really? lol
bloominstar11377: lol.. i dunno why but it cracked me up...
Emmiekins325: hehe
bloominstar11377: hobbitsnworks
bloominstar11377: wow... wonder what there working?
Emmiekins325: LOL!
Emmiekins325: OMG!
bloominstar11377: hehe
bloominstar11377: hobillinic
bloominstar11377: hehe
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: lol! wow..
Emmiekins325: this is fun for some reason.
bloominstar11377: i know! tignstuff
Emmiekins325: hehehe!
bloominstar11377: chocolatenporn! LMAO!
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: "I want chocolate and porn!" - Elijah Wood before he promptly passed out
bloominstar11377: villuvearvigs?
Emmiekins325: That was the best
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: omg name it TheDolphinIsDead
Emmiekins325: Maybe I'll just make a regular lj....
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: awe.. but this is fun
Emmiekins325: I can still use that for a user name. lol
bloominstar11377: hehe bigblueeyes
bloominstar11377: or bigblueyes
Emmiekins325: It's just that there's no point in having a community if I'm the only one reading and posting anything.
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: hehe.. hey i'll read!
bloominstar11377: lol but i can also read off of a regular lj too
Emmiekins325: Ok! I can just let you join I guess. lol
bloominstar11377: lol
bloominstar11377: OMG
bloominstar11377: jesusmerrynpippin!
Emmiekins325: I'll have to make it a community then because you can't read a private post in a personal one.
Emmiekins325: LMAO!
bloominstar11377: kk
Emmiekins325: I hope that's not to long. lol
bloominstar11377: lol omg do it! hehe
Emmiekins325: It's to long...
bloominstar11377: damn! that would have been hilarious
Emmiekins325: jesusmerrynpip?
bloominstar11377: try it LOL!
Emmiekins325: ok lol
Emmiekins325: what should I title it?
Emmiekins325: Freaky fan fics?
bloominstar11377: HMM... *thinks of more creative shit*
bloominstar11377: dunno
Emmiekins325: I guess I can change it later... I hope...
bloominstar11377: maybe you should title it Chocolate N Porn... lol...
bloominstar11377: it kinda works if you think about it
Emmiekins325: LOL! Then I'll have perverts trying to join!
bloominstar11377: lol... do it so you can only join if you let them...
Emmiekins325: true! hhaha
bloominstar11377: hehe... creative juices are flowing... what the hell are creative juices... wait... i dont want to know...
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: hehe... wow...
Emmiekins325: lol
bloominstar11377: i like dominilly still... it just sounds cool
Emmiekins325: hehe
bloominstar11377: omg.. im so posting this conversation on my lj
Emmiekins325: lol!
bloominstar11377: i have another one of our conversations on there too if i remember right... its just like last year
Emmiekins325: Get The Hell Out. That's a good title
bloominstar11377: LMAO!
Emmiekins325: so do I! lol
bloominstar11377: lol!
Emmiekins325: Is there a line from LOTR or Lost I can use?
bloominstar11377: for the title?
Emmiekins325: The Fellowship of Fan Fics
Emmiekins325: I'm a dumbass
Emmiekins325: yah
bloominstar11377: lol
bloominstar11377: The LOST stories of Dom and Billy... dun dun dun!
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: hehe
Emmiekins325: what they don't want you to know about them.
bloominstar11377: Lost on an island far from home... we're not alone no no we're not alone...
Emmiekins325: LOL!
bloominstar11377: lol! there ya go... it'll be like a "behind the music" episode
Emmiekins325: ok! lol
bloominstar11377: lol! "what you didnt and probably dont want to know about them"
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25 July 2005 @ 01:31 pm

WE MET WILMER VALDERRAMA!!! Hes awesome. It was funny. We looked around for about an hour (me and my friend Emily!! *waves*) to try to find where he was signing at, and when we did find where he was signing we got in line like 2 hours before it was even going to start. When we got up there to meet him, Emily couldn't figure out how to use my digital camera so I have like 3 pictures w/ him. The guy in front of us was hilarious though. He got Wilmer to say "Kiss my brown ass" in the Fez voice. It was hilarious. When Emily got up there to meet him though... I totally forgot to take the picture until I heard a hiss of "casey!!" and then I took it lol!

After this we went to the Constantine panel where we saw Rachel Weisz. We had really good seats cuz we were only like 7 feet away from her.

OMG! MET RACHEL WEISZ, NATALIE PORTMAN AND SETH GREEN!!! We started out the day by getting in line at 6:30 in the morning, until they hearded us inside. Once inside we waited around for about an hour when they started to do a raffle for something. I ran over there and grabbed like 30 raffle tickets not knowing what they were for and I had one winning ticket. Well, it turns out that the raffle was to get autogrphed memorabelia from Rachel Weisz! This really nice dude gave Emily his ticket so we were both on our wat to meeting her. Then they had a line for Natalie Portman also, so obviously we got in that line to. I went first and didn't get one, but Emily went after me and got one on the first try!!! YAY! I kept going like 13 times in a row till there was only 9 tickets left and I got one!!! After this we went and waited in line. We were not expecting to meet her though cuz the lady in charge told us it was just signed memomrabilia. Ok imagine our suprise when we walked in there and Rachel was sitting there. OMG!! I got up to her and got her autograph, and the directors for the movie "Fountain". It was great cuz Emily went after me and started giggling and then I started giggling and then it turned into a whole bouncy giggle fest wheich made Rachel laugh at us. It was great.

Next we got in line for the Natalie Portman one which was supposed to start at 11:30, but some idiot schedualed it at the same time that she was supposed to be speaking for the panel so we actually didnt get in until 12:00. Emily went in first this time and shook her hand it was great. I went up after Emily and Natalie asked me how to spell my name, then we got in a conversation. She was like "I felt so bad. I messed up the first autograph I did. The lady looked at me and said, 'Thats not how you spell my name'". I looked at her and was like "Im sure she totally forgives you." which made her laugh. We also got to meet the director for her movie "V for Vendetta." who was also really nice.

After this we went to the panel for Seth Green's new comic book "Freshman". He was so funny. One of the characters they named for the comic was "the intoxicator". It was great. Unfortunetly we had really bad seats so towards the end Emily had the idea that we should go over to the side in case he does autographs right afterward. I did that, but then I ran over to the front and got some really good pictures. When the panel was over they announced that they were doing autographs over at the "Top Cow" booth behind picachu's ass (they actually said that), so Emily and I ran over there and bought a copy of "Freshman." It was great because they started the line right where we were standing so we were the first ones to meet Seth, and whom I have a really weird picture with. Emily was freaking out so I had to take the pic myself so I did the hold out the camera and hope for the best picture... It looks like hes pressed up against the side of my head. Emily's picture is even better. His head is like eyelevel with her boobs. LOL!

Ok we got there at like 4:30 in the morning with all the crazy insane LOST fans to get autographs. They were suppossed to let us in at 9 but some idiot decided to let us in at 10, which was a big mistake. Emily and I almost got knocked down the elevator to get to the Inkworks booth, and then when we got there there were already like 100 people lined up at the booth. Then to make it "fair" they said they would do a raffle! FAIR!!! HOW THE HELL IS THAT FAIR FOR THE PEOPLE THAT GOT THERE AT FREAKING 4:30 IN THE MORNING. I got a sorry and Emily didnt even get to draw. I got really upset and started crying and this nice lady gave me her ticket. I felt so bad! My mom (who was with us) only came to meet Josh and its like Emily's favorite show, but its not my fault. What really pissed me off though was that we had to miss the panel too! Wankers!

When it came time to meet them though I totally flipped out! I was like bouncing up and down and when it was my turn, I couldn't find my ticket. I finally did and the first thing I did when I got up there was ask Josh if I could get a picture with him. He said yah. After that I totally lost it and said "oh my god, I LOVE YOU." to him. He started laughing, and i said "sorry" He just shook his head and then said, "is that a Lost t-shirt" (i was wearing one." I said ya and Maggie looked over at us and said "awesome." I got Josh, Maggie, Damon, 2 writers and 1 producers autograph. It was so aweome!!!!

We went to the "Doom" panel this day and got really good seats (third row) to see KARL URBAN AND THE ROCK!!! It was great. About half way through I screamed out "WE LOVE YOU KARL!!!" He looked at me and laughed saying "dont get me started." The best part was when this little girl asked Karl what the difference was between doinf other movies and this one and he said "Well in Lord of the Rings i sounded like this..." and he did the Eomer voice saying "what business does and Elf, a man and a Dwarf have in the Riddermark? Speak Quickly" UHHHH!!! *DIES*
The rock kept making really weird jokes saying at one point "they have some good weed in San Diego" that was hilarious!

WEll... theres my comic-con tale... I'll put up pictures soon!!!
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07 July 2005 @ 10:24 pm
Oh holy crap... Tomorrow I go for my license to drive. Im so nervous... I keep having visions of me swiping parked cars or hitting pedestrians and the Tester yelling at me and telling me never to come back to the DMV cuz I will NEVER get my license... ugh... why me? Its not that I'm a bad driver, its just that I get nervous in intense situations. Plus I'm in a car w/ a person that I dont personally know and they're testing me... thats scary shit dude I swear. I hate this... I'm going to have an anxiety attack on the road, you watch.. HEMET YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! STAY AWAY FROM STATE STREET! Ok... less than 11 hours from now I will be experiencing hell in a p.o.s. 96' Chevy Blazer, that I tried washing today, but had no luck... once again... why me?!?!

"Oh. Pretty and Smart. She'd be Miss America if she could lie better." - From the Novel "Every Which Way but Dead" by Kim Harrison
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01 July 2005 @ 10:51 pm
I dyed my hair red yesterday... problem is, for some reason i missed spots so there are little brown patches all over the place... why me? It looks awesome where its all red though... i just have to go bye more red hair dye and try it again next monday...damn..

"We live on front porches and swing life away, we get by just fine here on minimum wage. If love is a labor a I'll work till the end, I wont cross these streets until you hold my hand. Swing life away." -- Rage Against: Swing Life Away.
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18 June 2005 @ 10:28 pm
I just finished shooting the first scene for the Summer Movie. It was awesome. We had to go to Elsinore to this really dingy on trailor that nobody had inhabited for a couple of months. Apparently it was owned by our "stage directors" Mr. DeMovil's brother for a while. It freakin stunk. We were allowed to take whatever we wanted and I found copies of first edition Lord of the Rings so of course I took that. Who wouldn't? I also to a guide to Lord of the Rings... it was awesome!

"I bet you called us beavers too. Damn, I hate being called a beaver, don't you?" - Thelma in Thelma and Louise
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