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31 March
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Hello...My names Casey and it seems that you've managed to stumble across my journal. This journal contains everything from rants about certain people (you know who you are) to giddy fangirly moments (yes im a total fan girl!) There are, however, some very personal private moments on here that will only be shared w/specific people that i trust, therefore they are blocked from people who are not listed as one of my friends. If you would like to be listed, however, leave a comment in my journal and i will add you! ENJOY!!!

Info about me:
1. I'm 17 years old.
2. I'm a Senior at West Valley High School.
3. Im an aspiring actress.
4. I'm currently single... unfortunetly...
5. My life is completely and utterly boring.. except for the occasional uplifting bits.
6. Like I said... total fan girl (sorry)
7. This journal mostly contains my bitches about life...


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